Act of Valor

Posted by Mike McCarthy on March 11th, 2012 filed in Industry Status

So Act of Valor, the big project that I have been working on for the last four years, finally was released last month.  It has been pretty exciting to see this project go all the way from an independent film shooting with whatever resources we could scrap together at the time, to #1 at the Box Office our opening weekend.  We essentially used a bunch of Canon DSLRs and a variety of applications on our regular PC workstations to edit and finish the movie.  This was the first feature film that I have played a significant role in creating, as I was involved from workflow design and data management onset, to the final tweaks to the finished 2K online before we printed to Film.

I probably should have posted info on here about it before it was publicly released last month, but after years of secrecy, it didn’t even occur to me.  If you look through previous posts, you will see that I alluded to it iin other posts, about DSLRs, Avid editing, and CS5 finishing, but I agreed not to publish exactly what we were doing while the project was in process.  There are a variety of unique and interesting technical things that we did on that project, which I intend to detail out in my next couple of posts.

In the meantime, were are a number of other sources of information on the project and how we did it:

We were the cover story for POST Magazine and there was a piece on Creative Cow a while back, and there are a few others in sites that I am less familiar with.

Both HP, NVIDIA, and AJA were technology partners in the post process, and AdobeTV has a bunch of stuff about what we did, and how we did it.

This last one is not about the technical aspect of the project, but this movie review really hits the heart of what we were doing, and how it is different.

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