This a little about me, Mike McCarthy, the creator of this blog.  I have worked for a number of media production companies in Hollywood over the last ten years, and my experience in those environments is the basis for what I have posted on here.  I am very experienced in Windows based tools and applications, hence the URL name.  I personally do most of my work in Adobe products, but have designed and supervised workflows based on Avid, Resolve, and a variety of other tools.  A majority of my work has been for the company Bandito Brothers, where I was the post-production engineer (among many other roles) on the feature films Act of Valor and Need for Speed.

I originally got into this business because I was fascinated by fast computers and high end display technology.  And I have had the opportunity to work directly with Adobe, HP and NVidia to build some of the fastest Windows based workstations ever created.  At the end of 2010 I moved out of Hollywood, and back to the Sierra foothills where I grew up.  I still return to LA on a regular basis to work on new projects, but continue to find new endeavors elsewhere as well.

I try to keep up with the most recent developments in the technology industry, especially as they relate to post-production.  I am always interested in an opportunity to help work with or troubleshoot the newest bits and pieces of technology.  Feel free to contact me at (“mikemccarthy” at this domain) with questions, requests, offers, or suggestions.

Mike McCarthy